CEO Kim Duk Young Honored as Asia’s Excellent Leader 2024

On June 15th 2024 , CEO Kim Duk Young was honored as one of Asia’s Excellent Leaders, awarded by the Institute of Enterprise Quality Evaluation and Human Resources Development in collaboration with the Asian Industrial Information Association (AIPA).

The award aims to commend and honor outstanding young entrepreneurs. The event underscored the significance and importance of fostering young entrepreneurs, creating favorable conditions for their growth, and contributing to the strengthening of the economy.

Additionally, at this prestigious award ceremony, CEO Kim Duk Young and the renowned brand BROS KOREA 1980s received the “Top 100 Most Trusted Brands Award in Asia 2024” award. This accolade further demonstrates the efforts and dedication of CEO Kim Duk Young and his entire company. The Top 100 Most Trusted Brands in Asia are selected based on international quality standards and lead with high-quality products and services as trusted brands. Their goal is to build the number one sustainable brand in the Vietnamese and Asian markets.

“This prestigious event involved a rigorous selection process with numerous applications. However, I was quite surprised and feel extremely honored and proud to see my efforts, aspirations, and hard work recognized and highly valued. We see this as a significant motivation to continue accompanying the development of our business and the country,” said Kim Duk Young, CEO of DYK GLOBAL Co., Ltd.

In 2020, CEO Kim Duk Young took the first step into Vietnam. Through perseverance, learning, and overcoming many challenges with his talent, the BROS KOREA 1980s brand (a subsidiary of DYK GLOBAL Co., Ltd.) gradually became beloved and chosen by customers. It has now officially become a familiar and long-term brand with Vietnamese customers in particular and global customers in general.

With a spirit of daring to think and act and a constant willingness to learn, the current successes are a testament to his relentless efforts to pursue his passion. CEO Kim Duk Young always strives to deliver genuine value and carefully selected products to customers. His greatest desire is for people worldwide to experience and share Korean culture, ensuring customers have a happy experience. Every customer coming to BROS KOREA 1980s should feel joy and satisfaction, enjoy what they wish for, and indirectly experience Korean culture. “I always strive to meet those expectations,” said CEO Kim Duk Young.



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